Wake Up Your Kitchen with a Splash of Dark Blue

July 4, 2018
A new colour sensation is invigorating modern kitchens and could be an amazing choice for your own Toronto home: dark blue complemented with clean white.

If navy blue works for you, the pros at ColourWorks Painting Design can help you incorporate it into a very striking kitchen profile. Whether you use a small amount of deep blue to jump out from a neutral background or if you use a broad splash with an entire wall, you won’t regret going bold with your choice of kitchen colours. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Places to use dark blue in the kitchen:

1. Base Cabinets – A current trend is to paint the base cabinets a dark colour, then paint the top ones in a neutral colour such as eggshell, white, gray or sand. The lighter the complementary colour, the better. Use bold metallic hardware on the cabinets and fixtures to complete the masterpiece.

2. All Cabinets – For a more unified kitchen appearance, consider painting all the cabinets in the navy blue of your choice. White countertops and walls pair with the blue as naturally as waves and foam.

3. Backsplash – Not ready to take too much of a plunge into the dark blue waters? Try a smaller touch with just the backsplash and one other accent piece in the room, such as blue chairs. One carefully designed backsplash can take care of all of the colour needed in your kitchen. Pair it with white walls and ceiling as well as natural wood and you have a beautiful, lightly kissed design.

4. Solid Wall – Dark blue covering one whole wall, including cabinets, can make a dramatic impact on your kitchen. Complementing it with walls of country bunny gray or snowfall white can give you stunning results. Carry it over with a hint of colour in the tiles to carry the look.

5. Ceiling – Contemporary designers are spending just as much time determining the colour of the ceiling as they are the walls. A dramatic ceiling, such as denim blue, can create an instantly intimate feeling for your kitchen and sets you up for cozy evenings filled with gourmet food.

6. Accent Wall – Using deep, dusky blue on one wall to achieve an accent wall is another great choice. Keep the cabinets white to match the other walls or natural wood and just paint the wall in the blue of your dreams.

7. Accent Pieces – To accent a neutral kitchen that makes use of whites and grays throughout, consider adding clever accent pieces of bold blue to places such as: pendant lights, hood, stove, kitchen island, covered chairs or carefully selected décor pieces.

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