Today’s Top 10 Colour Trends in Toronto

August 28, 2017
Thinking about changing your Toronto home interior or exterior colours? ColourWorks Painting Design can help with the services of our professional colour consultant. When it’s time for a makeover, an expert touch can make all the difference in the world.

What are the top colours today in Toronto?

1. White – always the classic, white goes well in Toronto, making the most of the natural light and giving a fresh look to spaces. When paired with a great neutral, such as browned butter, and given a bold accent colour in the room, white can open your smaller spaces and feel luxuriously airy.

2. Gray – the newest kid on the block of neutrals is gray. Gray can range from dusty gray to shadowy gray to deep mineral gray—all solid choices evoking different moods. In some homes, a layering of the shades in a subtle format can create an attractive dimension in a room.

3. Warm yellow – sunshine yellow has been showing up in small amounts all across Toronto. Whether mustard makes you feel mellow or cornflower gives you that summer fresh feeling, yellows are a great choice for accents.

4. Dusky blue – a great complement to gray is a sultry blue. Restful, peaceful and beautiful, you can’t go wrong with adding blues to your décor. This dusty colour can beautifully handle an accent wall or two walls, or be used in furniture and flooring.

5. Taupe – an earthy brown/gray, taupe is a very restful colour that can help lessen stress and bring a sense of the outdoors indoors. Along with taupe, any of the neutrals and browns are still solid choices for most all of your decorating needs.

6. Spicy red – with a nod to nature’s sumac, spicy red adds excitement and intrigue. If you’re adventurous, use red as large accents. If you just want some zip in the room, use it as small accents.

7. Aqua/Teal – still a showstopper this year, these island colours can pair nicely with black and white or another neutral to enliven a minimalist space. With colours this vibrant, little else is needed. Whether you choose a muted version of the colour or go full-on, aqua can get the job done nicely.

8. Earthy green – this dusty colour pairs well with other earth tones of browns and dusty yellows and peaches. It’s a relaxing colour that lends a freshness to your space.

9. Grass green – promoted by Pantone this year, bright green is great for not only summer but year-round. It’s both energizing and peaceful in a room.

10. Burnt orange – still drawing from nature, this understated orange can pop in a green room. As an accent colour, you can use Aztec orange along with any other colours to add interest and excitement.

Do you have more inspiration for me?

Yes! Click here to view our gallery and get some ideas of the colours we’ve used for interiors, exteriors, businesses and small spaces. Like a colour but not the shade? Warm it up or cool it down to find the colour that makes you sing. Our colour designer can assist you in locating that perfect fit.

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