Rocking the Nursery with the Perfect Design

June 4, 2018
Getting ready for a new baby to join your Toronto home can be an exciting time of anticipation and preparation. Expectant mothers who are busy making everything ready for the baby will likely be thinking of painting the nursery.

The professionals at ColourWorks Painting Design have compiled their top tips to help you choose the best look for your nursery. In addition, our professional application will ensure you won’t have to deal with the mess, the ladders, the exertion, nor the fumes, but will be able to walk in and enjoy the look of the fresh room, painted just the way you wanted. Before long, you’ll start moving in baby’s furniture and decorating to your heart’s content.

Top 5 Tips for Decorating the Nursery:


1. Safety First

– Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint is a must to keep the unsafe chemical odors from permeating your home. While there may still be a faint odor that lasts a day or two, the strong chemical compounds will not be in the atmosphere, keeping you and baby safe.


2. Gender

– Did you find out if it is a boy or a girl, or are you waiting for the surprise? Whether you want to go gender specific or gender neutral with your nursery colours, we can help with the right blend of colours to achieve the look you want.


3. Glare

– Baby’s eyes don’t like glare, and paint manufacturers have provided a handy tool for figuring out just how much glare the paint will give. It’s called Light Reflective Value (LRV) and it tells you how much light the colour will absorb and how much it will reflect. Colours with a high amount of white will have more reflection and a higher LRV value. Generally, you’ll want a paint colour that has an LRV of 60 or lower to protect baby’s eyes.


4. Cleaning & Upkeep

– The reality of your new life with baby includes a lot more cleaning. When the diaper comes off at the change table and you’re treated with a surprise spray, it’s good to know you’ve chosen a paint for easy clean-up. High-end matte finishes, or satin, eggshell or semi-gloss paints (from a lower sheen to higher sheen) will give you a surface that’s easy to wipe down like nothing happened. Another consideration is the way the room will react to the light. A higher sheen will reflect more light but will present a darker appearance of the colour you’ve chosen. The higher the sheen, the more resistant to fading the colour will be, potentially giving you more wear in the room through the busy toddler years.


5. Artsy Design

– Consider having us add an artistic flare to your nursery to bring out the best in your ideas. An elegant touch is painting stripes of two colours or more on the walls. Combing patterns in the paint can add texture, contrast and interest for a cheerful atmosphere. Got another artistic idea? Let’s talk about how we can make it a reality.

What do you want your nursery to look like?

With so many choices, the right colour for your nursery can be a difficult decision. Studies show that babies enjoy pastels and saturated, or bright, colours. This may not jive with your love of sage and coffee-washed neutrals. But there are ways to please everyone. At ColourWorks Painting Design, our colour consultant can help you choose the colours that both of you will love, paired with the sheen that encourages easy clean-up.

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