Kitchen Colour Palettes that Feel Like Home

October 2, 2017
Before you have professionals paint your Toronto kitchen, you’ll want to spend some time contemplating the colour palette you want to use.

Colours can add energy and warmth to a kitchen, or serenity and calm, depending on your choices. Your design professional at ColourWorks Painting Design can help you explore the mood and tone you’d like to set in your kitchen, then design the colour scheme from there.

To get you started thinking about palettes, here are some very popular choices we’re seeing in today’s kitchens:

  • Bold colours with neutral accents – An intense colour wall, a vivid countertop, a bold backsplash and an eye-catching cabinet colour are all possibilities when you want an exciting kitchen. Red is a classic colour to use and pairs perfectly with neutrals. Too much? Try a warm cayenne or maroon paired with taupe, sand or steel to bring it down a tad.

Bold greens are very trendy and look completely at home with a cool or a warm neutral colour, such as cloudy gray or chalk white. Blues are also a great choice for the walls and can instantly bring a homey feel to your kitchen.

  • Neutral colours with bold accents – Using neutrals for the largest part of the kitchen can be an excellent choice. You can always accent with your favorite colours which will pop out against a neutral background. The amazing colours of your dishes will vibrate when used with a rich cream, cool gray, wispy pale blue or eggshell white backdrop.

Your tastes may change over the years, so a neutral background will accommodate your newest colour loves. A final consideration is space. If your kitchen is small and cramped, using a neutral colour will open it up and give an appearance of more room. Go wild with the accents and enjoy the freedom that a neutral palette can give.

  • Analogous colours to complement – Colours that appear next to each other on the colour wheel can be a very useful technique in creating the perfect palette for your kitchen. Using analogous colours keeps it in one kind of colour family without introducing competing or contrasting colours. They look great together, so you can’t go wrong. This is a great way to use bold colours without the feeling of being overwhelmed by them.

Examples of analogous colours are: green, aqua and blue; red, peach and orange; blue, purple and plum; orange, mustard and yellow. From there, you can explore the dimensions of the colour grouping you’ve chosen by choosing a more muted palette and by adding the complementing neutral to give some breathing space.

  • Warm colours for energy – A simple use of warm colours can add interest and liven up your kitchen. If you have an energetic, bustling household, you may enjoy this setting for the hub of the house – your kitchen. Long winter days can be more appealing with a rich colour scheme indoors.
  • Cool colours for calm – Using cool colours for a peaceful atmosphere is also another great choice. Light spearmint, breezy robin’s egg blue, airy lavender and granny smith green are all beautiful colours that create a relaxing kitchen. If your kitchen could use a break from stress, choosing a cool colour palette, paired with an attractive neutral, will speak rest to a busy life.

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