How to Use Saturated Colours in Decorating

August 7, 2018
Saturated colours can be an amazing design tool. Adding instant energy, a saturated colour elicits excitement. In describing a colour’s intensity, saturated colours are at the most intense end of the spectrum. ColourWorks Painting Design can help your Toronto business use a saturated colour to communicate your logo in a professional and unified display. Or, we can help you use a saturated colour to transform your home into something dynamic.

When you want to focus the emotional response of your home’s décor on energy, consider simplifying your colour scheme to highlight a saturated colour, balanced by a warm neutral. Considered pure colours, saturated colours are colours that appear in their original form with no white, black or gray mixed in to desaturate them or to turn them into pastels or midnights.

These colours include primary and secondary colours such as blue, red, yellow, green, orange and purple. Since these colours are incredibly bold, a careful touch in decorating can mean the difference between delightful and overpowering. Use the saturated colour as an anchor colour in the room, and tie in a variety of neutrals to make the most pleasing display.

Let’s look closer at the application of saturated colours in specific settings:


Statement kitchens are becoming more and more popular, replacing the neutral and natural looks of days past. With the advent of more and diverse backsplashes and glass tile options, it’s easy to add a saturated colour focal point for impact. Another tactic is to use the base cabinets with the hero colour, or saturated colour, and then to use neutrals and whites for the backsplash and upper cabinets. The two can tie together with fixtures and floor accents, making a beautiful blend that brings the wow appeal to the kitchen.

Consider: Saturated blue, sandy neutrals and eggshell for a classy kitchen. Or try orange and white for a contemporary, whimsical twist.

Living Room

This larger space gives you more options for an accent wall in a saturated colour, since it gives more chances for the eye to rest in other places. Refresh the colour in other places throughout the room with accent pieces and use plenty of your basic neutral to spotlight your intense colour.

Consider: Aqua, turquoise or seafoam green balanced with a clean white for a splash of seaside. Or bring in the forest with green and mushroom for a calming space. Or capitalize on the western sun with burnt orange and clay.


Let your personality take center stage in the bedroom with a saturated colour that pops. Use the pure colour on the bedspread, accent chairs and throw pillows while setting the stage with an expanse of snowflake white on the walls. Or, choose an accent wall for your favorite colour and keep the rest of the room in varying shades of neutral.

Consider: Yellow or purple for a dramatic splash set apart from star-white walls. Or, use a deep blue for an accent wall that encourages a restful atmosphere. Red and soft gray can make a dramatic and romantic statement.

Powder Room

This room can take a hit of colour even better than many other spaces in the house. Adding a splash of saturation here equals instant happiness when you first walk in. It’s the fastest and least expensive way to transform a bathroom into something special.

Consider: Saturated powder blue satin for an exotic touch, or eggplant for a sophisticated look that doesn’t shrink the space, and use plenty of clean white for the remainder.

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