How to Increase Workplace Productivity By Design

August 7, 2018
Have you ever wondered if changing the interior of your Toronto workplace could improve productivity and inspire your employees? As elusive as it appears at first, interior design is actually a sound science that has proven to increase employee focus and productivity. ColourWorks Painting Design can help you choose the right colour combination to get the best out of your staff.

Colour psychology has been around for years, and no place is it more important to apply than at the office. The right colours in a work environment can mean the difference between sailing through a pile of papers on your desk and staring out the window thinking about what to get for lunch. Let’s look closer at the pros and cons of 3 of the top colour choices that our specialists recommend.


Blue is a great colour choice for calming an area. Popular in hospitals and healthcare, blues promote peace, tranquility and healing. You won’t infuse a lot of energy into the room with blue, but you can achieve a better balance when dealing with difficult people and trying situations. Blue has been shown to lower the heart rate, which also can be desirable if a business tends to be rather chaotic. Creativity and focus can be boosted with blue. Today more than ever, you can choose from a wide array of deep blue, dark smoky blue, dusky blue, periwinkle, sky and more, to achieve the desired effect.


Yellow is a great accent colour to use along with a clean white. A happy, energetic mood can be boosted with a careful use of yellow. Worried about a preschool look? Try a step on the orange side with goldenrod or a sophisticated lemon. Innovation can be boosted with a light touch of yellow. Your employees will thank you as they sail through their work and deal graciously with difficult people. Another consideration is orange, which has been shown to appeal to consumers and draw them in. It’s a great accent colour choice for our region.


A solid nature colour, green can relax the eyes, which is good for computer-users, and can create a sense of calm that promotes creativity. Too much green or too dark of a green can be a downer, but a proper application of this colour, along with a crisp neutral, can transform your staff into a positive, forward-thinking crew.

Colour Mistakes in the Workplace

Just as there are some brilliant options for your workplace colour design, there are also some terrible choices, and we’ve seen them all. Even though it may support your logo and your brand, you still will want to use caution and wisdom before overdoing it with these colours:

Mistake #1: Red

As you know, red is a dominant colour. In the workplace, it could fan the flame of high blood pressure, chaos and high emotions. Overstimulating, red can be a disaster when it comes to productivity and good customer relations. Worse, it can inflame emotions to include inappropriate anger responses and to increase workplace hostilities that no manager wants to deal with.
Since many logos use red in branding, you may want to use a well-placed sign or a blow-up of the logo in the lobby, but keep it down in the rest of the building. ColourWorks Painting Design can transfer your logo to the wall and make it look crisp and professional as a great focal point.

Mistake #2: Brown

Natural colours are all the rage, but brown can be a huge mistake at the workplace. Brown is so muted and calming that it can suck the energy out of the room and leave employees feeling depressed.

Mistake #3: Black

While the metro look is great in some places, it’s not a home run at the office. Avoid using heavy amounts of black on trim or walls, or even gray. These colours are calming but to the extreme they can depress your workers and make your building feel like an institution or prison, even. At ColourWorks Painting Design, we’ll help you avoid these common mistakes and choose colours that invigorate and refresh instead.

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