Hot and Now: 2019 Colour Palettes from Sherwin-Williams

August 7, 2018
The newest trend in colour palettes for 2019 are fresh off the press as Sherwin-Williams just unveiled their incredible picks to light up our imaginations. Ready to jump in with both feet? ColourWorks Painting Design will join you as you choose your favorites and run with them. Let’s look at the six categories of brand-new colour palettes to see which ones you love the most for your Toronto home or office.


If blues make you feel happy, take a dive into Shapeshifter. This palette has a blended touch of outer space, technology and nature. There are deep blues, vivid sky blue, and muted green-blue to choose from. Pair with a granite or a light gray for a soothing, nocturnal appeal. For contrast, a golden nugget colour adds a splash of burnished mustard that piques interest.


With one boot firmly planted in the windswept mesas and the sun-kissed plains of the West, this palette has a beautiful array of browns and reddish browns. Clay colours paired with dusky blues are sure to turn heads while slowing down frenetic paces.


If you enjoy the finer things in life – classic tomes, soft leather, tweeds and fine wine – then this palette is for you. As a nod to tradition and heritage, try their dark English blue or plum wine as a focal point in the room and complement it with the browns and golds that make it complete. Add a splash of plaid with pillows or throws for a perfect picture.


Colour has found a cozy home in the Enthusiast palette. If you like more movement in a room and a swirl of colours and textures, check out this variety. The muted tones allow for a generous pairing of colours without the overwhelming factor. Try a golden sunset, dusky purple, ocean deep teal, sun-washed red and neon mint green with different textures for a busy bazaar appeal.


Possibly one of the most versatile palettes, Naturalist evokes visions of forests, floral groves and misty skies. The colours range from mushroom tones to deep forest green to fern limes. Complement it with a cheerful lavender or bright pink and trim with a gorgeous gray to finish the look.


The Raconteur (Storyteller) palette weaves a tale that speaks of faraway lands. Taupes, beiges and coffee beans are the hallmarks of this diminutive colour group. Contrasting colour has the lightest of touches with a faint sandy mauve, a rusty red and a dusted orchid. This restful combination embraces the warm spice and serene oasis of cultures rich in heritage.

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