What the Experts are Saying About Bathroom Colours

May 26, 2017
If you’re still staring at white-on-white in your Toronto bathroom, or have worked hard to maintain neutrality, you may be excited to see the trend in bathroom colours has turned towards an explosion of dramatic colours and statements.
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Here are 5 colours to choose from in your bathroom colour design for this year

1. Blue

  1. Powder blue is a top choice this year for trendy bathrooms. Relaxing and cool with just the right touch, powder blue can transform your space with an air of sophistication.
  2. Sky blue can be playful and interesting while maintaining a soothing feel for the bath. Sky blue adds energy to small spaces.
  3. Ocean blue is energizing paired with white. Add a splash of green with a plant or accents, for a relaxing island feel.
  4. Sapphire is an elegant choice for bathroom, and contrasts well with silver fixtures and mirrors. Sapphire wall tile is also a bold choice this year, and works well with neutral wall colours.
  5. Navy used as a bathroom accent wall and paired with a cool-to-neutral gray or clean white, presents a bathroom with dramatic sophistication. Natural wood cabinetry comes to life in this rich setting.

2. Green

  1. Emerald green, along with all the jewel-tones, is very popular this year. You get the tranquility of green, along with the invigoration only jewel colours can provide.
  2. Jade green gives a rich elegance to your bath. A white bath curtain or towels accent this room perfectly.
  3. Grass green is one of the most popular, and Pantone’s Colour of the Year. It marries perfectly with all the neutral colours for a bathroom, and exudes a natural light air.
  4. Minty green is a splashy sensation this year with everything from frosted, frameless shower glass, to wall paint and tile choices. It’s cool, fresh, and works perfectly for the spa bath approach.

3. Yellow

  1. Sunflower yellow has made a vibrant appearance this year in accent walls, and as a light accent touch in neutral tile patterns.
  2. Sunshine yellow puts the naysayers in their place with a smile. Looks great with sage or even a hint of blue.
  3. Lemon yellow brings a cheerful energy and can look stunning with white or neutral grays.


  1. Vibrant Red never gets boring and can be an amazing centerpiece, such as a vessel sink or an ornamental fixture, or it can be an energizing wall colour. Pair with charcoal gray for a sophisticated look.

5. Neutrals

  1. Grays, Beiges, Off-Whites, Creams and Bright Whites mixed and matched can give your bathroom an enchanting layered-look while maximizing the space. Natural colours are wildly popular as our society emphasizes health, wellness and nature. One perfectly chosen accent colour, such as a grass green or a prairie lavender, will complete the light and refreshing look.

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