Best of Vintage Paint Colours

January 14, 2019
A mature, well-aged building often needs the softened touch of vintage colours to create the mellow look that a seasoned Toronto house or building deserves. To find the best in vintage paint colours, ColourWorks Painting Design can help you choose the historical palette that will make you feel like you stepped back in time to enjoy your home as it is cast in a new light.

Whether you have a love for an historic centennial home, a flair for a shabby chic office space, or a penchant for a retro designed building, we can help accentuate your heirloom with the best of the vintage paint palette. Take a look at these dozen antique colours and see where they take you.

Top 12 Vintage Paint Colours:

1. Antique White

An aged white sets the stage for a vintage home. Set up your heirloom pieces with this backdrop and you’ve got an elegant display of the golden age.

2. Aquamarine

Inspiration is the byproduct of a room decorated with a splash of this electric colour. Blend in a bright blue, a deep blue and even a teal to mix it into something spectacular.

3. Burnished Gold

This lightly toasted, cured gold colour adds instant sophistication to your restored, vintage home.

4. Vivacious Pink

An upbeat colour, this pink can be spectacular in a bedroom, especially paired with florals. Have fun designing around this lively colour.

5. Feathered Pink

A well-washed pink is a classic vintage colour. It goes nicely in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms. Pair it with aqua for a one-two retro punch.

6. Pigeon Gray

Dusty grays that hint of brown, or wispy grays that dip into blue, are both excellent vintage colour choices. If your house has an incredible crown moulding, consider drawing attention to it with a professional application of antique gray.

7. Soft Blue

While most of the main blues were popular historically, nothing says “vintage” like a gentle sky blue. With a professional application, a light blue can transform a room into a comfortable, cherished space.

8. Citrus Orange

This fossilized colour breathes sunshine into any space. Try it in a room with little or no natural light, such as a bathroom, for a splash of joy found in nature.

9. Apple Green

A fun choice for a mudroom, laundry room or cabinets, this milky green brings cheer and interest to any dreary, outdated space.

10. Brick Red

A relaxed, brownish-red is a comfortable hero colour that warms up a kitchen or carries sophistication to a study.

11. Glass Green

Whether it’s telephone pole glass insulators or thick Coke® bottles that you remember, glass green can be an amazing colour that translates beautifully onto walls or kitchen cabinets.

12. Muted Goldenrod

This browned mustard colour can make a great TBT theme in your vintage home. Try it in a bedroom, entryway or accent wall for cheerful décor with endless possibilities.

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