7 Best Colours for Feng Shui Offices

January 14, 2019
When you’re looking to incorporate some balance into the décor of your Toronto office or business, ColourWorks Painting Design has the tips to help bring a feng shui way to your corporate space. If you’d like to elevate your business’ vibe to provide a more energetic yet stable environment for your employees, the colour palette is the place to start.

Choosing the right colours can bring about positive, lasting change at the workplace. Productivity can skyrocket while a calming effect can settle over your workers, reducing stress and improving the business environment. Try a combination of feng shui colours to add a spectrum of psychological benefits when redecorating. And don’t forget the importance of having a professional application of the colours to elevate the effect to a pro level.

white painted office for feng shui design

Top 7 Colours for a Feng Shui Office:


Of all the colours, yellow is one of the most interesting. Too much can evoke anxiety and frustration, but just the right amounts in trim and accents can add mental clarity and energy to a room. Yellow encourages balance and stability in a work environment. A nature colour, goldenrod brings good health to the body.


Considered the serene colour, blue brings harmony and comfort to an office. It gives a feeling of safety and can encourage healing. Try using a deep blue on one wall and a lighter blue on the other three walls for additional benefits.

Earth Tones

Browns, terra cottas and sandstone colours counter stress and add stability and calm to the business world. Brown encourages good decisions and it sets the tone for good relationships. Used exclusively, brown can be depressing, so pair it with a colour that brings energy.


If you want to bring a competitive edge to the office, red is the colour you need. It brings more than its share of energy, strength and vitality. Red can be warm and inviting with an upbeat flair.


Another amazing nature colour, green is a great stress reducer and brings balance to a workspace. Green hails to growth, which carries a connotation of energy as well as calm. If your business deals with customer rejection or conflict, green gives a fresh start throughout the day and brings healing and stability.


When used as a trim for other colours or as the basics, white provides an openness to a business that suggests mental clarity. Fung shui associates it with metal, purity and intellect. It’s a solid choice for a clean, bright space that also sports accent colours to add energy.


If your corporation really generates accomplishments, lavender can provide the focus needed to finish the to-do list on time. Lavender provides a sense of calm with an underlying determination to get things done. It also enhances creativity.

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