5 Questions to Ask Your Professional Painter

May 2, 2017
You’re ready to have your Toronto home painted but you’re not sure how to set up the job and what questions to ask. The professionals at ColourWorks Painting Design have anticipated your questions and have prepared these 5 FAQs to answer so everyone is on the same page.

Here are the 5 things you would like to know from your team at ColourWorks:

1. What is contained in my estimate?

Your free consultation and estimate will discuss all the important information about your project such as the start date, how long the job should take (depending on weather), agreed-upon working hours, types of paint, paint colours, the scope of work, and of course, the cost. We take the time to communicate up front, so there are no surprises when the job is done.

2. Do you have a portfolio of past projects I can look at?

We have an online gallery for your browsing pleasure. With over 20 years of experience, chances are, if it needs paint, we’ve painted it! Our satisfied customers have given us excellent reviews, and our awards for best service speak for themselves.

3. What about painting over the oil-paint in our home?

If you suspect you have oil-painted surfaces (commonly found in older homes on wood trim, and bathroom or kitchen walls, ceilings, and cabinetry), you should be aware that oil-based paints are no longer available for common residential applications in Ontario, and water-based paints will not stick directly to an oil paint finish. The initial consultation is a perfect time to discuss the proper procedures and materials needed to convert your oil-painted surfaces to eco-friendly water-based paints. ColourWorks Painting Design has the proven processes for taking care of oil-paint, leaving you with a beautifully finished paint job, free from volatile organic compounds, to enjoy for years to come. Not sure if it’s oil? We’ll test it right there during the estimate, and show you the results.

4. What prep work do I need to do before you arrive?

You can move fragile things, heirlooms, knick-knacks, books from bookshelves, wall hangings, curtains, pictures, lamps and other small furniture. We”ll move any remaining furniture into the center of the room and cover it with clean plastic, and cover the surrounding floor in drop clothes.

If you have any holes you wish to keep, circle them with a pencil. Otherwise, we’ll get to work filling holes and cracks, scraping and sanding before the priming is started.

5. How long before we can move everything back in place?

Most paint dries in a couple hours, so it will probably be fine to move your furniture back close to the walls—but not touching the walls—soon after we are cleaned up and gone. Your ColourWorks professionals will tell you exactly when the paint will be dry to the touch. Factors such as humidity, ventilation, type of paint, and how many coats are considered in this decision.

If possible, keep things away from the wall for 24 hours to allow full setting time. If it is a humid time of year, wait 48 hours before hanging pictures to make sure you don’t leave a pressure mark. Full curing time is 30 days in normal-to-low humidity, so avoid cleaning the walls or trim for at least a month.

Why choose ColourWorks Painting Design?

For over two decades, ColourWorks Painters have provided Toronto residents with top quality painting and finishing services. Your Painting Design Specialist can help you choose the right colour, paint, and finish to create the look and style you want.

When it comes to tidiness, you can’t beat ColourWorks. We’ll take care of your house as if it were our own. Using fresh drop cloths, new plastic sheeting, and attention to details, we will work to make sure your home receives the best care possible. In the end, you’ll be excited to see your new colours and design that come together in one beautiful finish.

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Call us today at (416) 920-4482 or email us to schedule your free consultation. We’ll take the time to answer your questions, prepare your estimate and discuss the details. Before long, your own ColourWorks team will be busy transforming your home with the look of your dreams.

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