5 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Exterior Paint

August 28, 2017
So you’ve decided to get the exterior of your house painted, but now you’re wondering how to get the best life out of the job so you don’t have to do it again for as long as possible? We understand that hiring a professional painter to paint the exterior of your house is an investment that you want to protect. At ColourWorks Painting Design, we have some recommendations that will help you get the longest possible life out of your new exterior painting job.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Mileage out of Your Exterior Paint Job:

1. Professional painters do the prep work right – since there is so much prep work that goes into a professional exterior painting job, your team at ColourWorks will be busy cleaning the outside of the house, repairing problem areas, power washing, applying a proper base coat and more. All of this quality prep work ensures your exterior paint will last and last.

2. Professional painters know when to paint and when to wait – there are some days that are too cold, too hot or too moist for a good application of quality exterior paint. We will work with you to make sure you get the best application at the best time.

3. Don’t skim on paint – we will suggest the best quality paint for your house and will put on the right amount of paint to give you the optimal lifespan for your paint job.

4. Wash your house annually – we recommend homeowners keep the dirt and grime off their exterior paint by regularly washing it with a hose. These invaders can break down paint or grow into paint and cause it to flake, and a good rinse job will go a long way in adding life to your exterior. Some would tell you to use a power wash, but that can stress your paint job. A hose down will work fine and we suggest a rinse every six months for best results.

5. Colour counts – when choosing the colour of your house’s exterior, consider how it might look after some fading. Neutral colours and light colours tend to still look good even after some time has passed. On the other hand, bright colours and vibrant combinations will not look good after some fading and may require another application in less time than earth tones.

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