3 Ways a Professional Painter Can Improve Your Deck

September 5, 2017
With the changing seasons, you may be looking at preparing your Toronto house for upcoming inclement weather. Have you noticed your deck lately? Is the paint or stain peeling, cracking or eroding? Do the splinters prohibit bare feet or little ones playing on it? Was it ever sealed properly? If so, isn’t it about time to restore the beauty of your deck?

At ColourWorks Painting Design, we specialize in making decks look like new. We know the proper techniques and the best stains to use to ensure an even and attractive look. A professional treatment of your deck can add to the value of your home while protecting the investment you made.

Here are 3 Ways a Professional Can Improve Your Deck:

1. We’ve solved the “Paint vs. Stain” conundrum – If you’re still wrestling with the question of having your deck painted or stained, we can offer advice based on our years of experience in this area. Since Toronto has a high level of humidity as well as snow on the ground for around 3 months of the year, your deck gets wet and swollen – a lot! Paint will chip if the wood changes size or shape, leaving you with unsightly bubbles, flakes and weak spots.

Stain is much more reliable for lasting through climate changes and wood expansion and shrinking. A semi-transparent stain can look great and last a long time while covering up imperfections and resisting peeling.

2. We know how to do the prep work right – A proper deck sealing job requires several steps of careful prep work. When you work with the professionals at ColourWorks, you know you’re getting the years of experience and attention to detail that can result in a great-looking deck that is protected properly.

Prep work includes power washing the deck, scrubbing with a specialized cleaning agent, removing chipped paint, sanding, repairing problem areas and, finally, drying completely for several days. Then, the professional application of stain and sealant can begin.

3. We know what stain to choose – With the multitude of wet weather we experience, having the right protective barrier applied to your deck is crucial. The elements can really damage a low quality stain that is applied poorly. That’s why we only use the premium brands that seal the wood properly.

In addition to sealing, we make sure the color matches your house and complements it. Having a professional painter with the right experience who can help you make good decisions for your deck stain can make all the difference in a top quality job that can last for some time.

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To learn more about having ColourWorks Painting Design handle your deck staining project, check out our FAQs here. We can help protect your deck from the elements while producing a beautiful and unified look for the exterior of your home.

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