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3 Reasons to Paint Your House Exterior This Spring

3 Reasons to Paint Your House Exterior This Spring

Thinking about painting the exterior of your Toronto house feels like a huge job to many homeowners. At ColourWorks Painting Design, it’s just another day of doing what we do best. We love making houses look their best with a professional paint job.

Do you ever wonder when is the right time to paint your house? Confused about the right colour? Wondering about prep work? Let the professionals at ColourWorks Painting Design take the guesswork out of painting the exterior of your house. We can help you choose the right colour and arrange the details to be a stress-free, hands-off home improvement project.

Here are 3 reasons to have a professional paint your house’s exterior:

  1. The old paint is bubbling, peeling or fading

Believe it or not, paint has an expiration date. It is not something that will last forever, no matter how much we wish it were so. Every few years, the paint on your house will have to be reapplied when you see it is fading, blistering or flaking.

Using a higher quality of paint and a trusting a professional painting company like ColourWorks will give you the longest run for your paint job. Although it may seem like you’re paying more for this higher quality, it will pay for itself long before the next painting cycle.

  1. Paint is your home’s first line of defense

The weather is constantly working against your house’s exterior paint. Sun bakes on the paint and causes faded colour and dryness. Mold and mildew can creep up from too much moisture. And snow and ice takes its toll as well.

Paint protects the wood from warping and cracking and keeps your siding and trim in good shape. Applying a high quality paint to your house will help seal it from the abuse of the elements and will give a longer lifespan.

  1. Increase curb appeal

A big part of protecting the investment of your house is keeping a sharp curb appeal. When it comes time to sell, your house will already have a favorable outlook if it has had consistently strong appeal from the road. Buyers can be attracted at first glance.

Keeping the paint updated with a professional paint job from ColourWorks Painting Design will help you achieve your goal of having an attractive house and can help protect the investment you’ve put into it over time.

Why choose ColourWorks Painting Design as your Toronto House painting Contractor?

You get your own personal Painting Design Specialist when you work with ColourWorks. Your designer will help you choose the right colours and contrasts to make a favorable impact on your exterior architecture. If repairs are needed, we bring the expertise to repair and replace trim and siding to prepare for a top-quality exterior paint application.

At ColourWorks, we have enjoyed industry-wide respect for the two decades that we’ve been providing valuable painting services to our friends and clients in Toronto. With these years of experience behind us, and with our renowned commitment to excellence, we will bring our top work to your exterior painting project.

Get your free exterior house painting consultation today!

Call us today at (416) 920-4482 or email us to schedule your free initial consultation. The outside of your house is in need of a little TLC, and we can provide the full range of painting services to get the job done right the first time. We’re ready to go to work for you.

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  • The pride that these guys show in their work is astounding. True professionals. Toronto is lucky to have them.

    - Nathan in Toronto

  • These are hands-down the best contractors we have ever hired. ColourWorks Painting is professional, thorough, accommodating and they clean up after themselves. We’ve already recommended them to several friends.

    - Ashli Mcnulty

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