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3 signs you need to repaint your Toronto home or business exterior

3 signs you need to repaint your Toronto home or business exterior

The exterior of your Toronto home or commercial space is your first impression on visitors – whether family, friends, neighbors, clients or potential buyers, how your property is perceived on the outside says a lot about you.

For maximum curb appeal, watch for three tell-tale signs that it’s time for exterior painting:

1. Sun damage to surface color

The punishing rays of year-round sun takes its toll on the quality and appearance of your exterior paint. Ultraviolet rays break down the paint’s U.V. surface protection and ultimately the chemical bonds resulting in a chalky appearance and fading color which can result in cracking and peeling toward complete paint failure. Before this happens and as soon as you notice any of these signs is when you need to call in a professional painter to properly prepare the failing areas and re-coat in a surface-appropriate coating to ensure you get a long-lasting paint finish and protection against the sun.

2. Peeling or flaking paint

Elements of all seasons can cause paint coatings to peel, flake and crack – from rain and humidity to snow and frost, paint is designed to protect the substrate (wood, metal, etc) while acting as a “sacrificial coating” to the elements which must be replaced once it reaches the end of its useful life. As the wood or other substrate becomes exposed beneath the failing paint, it’s susceptible to water damage which compromises your property’s structure. A professional painter will know how to seal the bare spots and recoat with the precise exterior paint or other architectural coating needed to continue protecting the frame and structure for as many years as possible.

3. Wear and tear on trim

The areas quickest to degrade from wear and tear surround windows and doors, especially the horizontal surfaces where water settles and is then baked dry by the sun. In addition to repainting these trim surfaces, caulking the spaces between is critical to prevent moisture from penetrating and rotting wood from the inside out which leads to costly replacement. Watch for signs of the gaps in your trim and caulk them immediately using a paintable latex caulking.

While there’s no hard rule on how long your exterior will last between complete painting and touch ups, knowing these key red flags to watch out for will ensure your property stays protected forever with a little routine maintenance whenever needed; and minimize both the aesthetic and structural tolls these damages can take on your home or business.

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